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Our Services

As wedding organisers we offer a comprehensive service including assistance with your purchases and full consultancy services so that you can get the best out of your wedding. One month and a half prior to your wedding date we start regular meetings where we decide on the issues below...

One and a half month prior to the wedding date

We meet to:-

  • Confirm amounts and variety of food items to order from caterer
  • Confirm amounts and variety of Beverages
  • Finalise the list of persons that will be involved in the wedding and collect their contact numbers
  • Discuss Hall setup and details of mass celebration
  • Make the church rehearsal
  • Plan, coordinate and time the entire wedding
  • List all the things that would be required for the wedding and which we will collect on the eve of the wedding and includes: souvenirs, guestbook, photo, confetti etc

On the Day

We will:-

  • Responsible for controlling and dispensing stock of spirits
  • Double check all food items and beverage list against the order
  • Ensure the venue is set up as agreed with the couple
  • Guide all those involved in the church celebration
  • Prepare family members for photographs to speed up the process
  • Coordinate will all parties involved to ensure smooth flow of celebration
  • Replenish souvenirs
  • Prepare food items and drinks for couple
  • Do a stock-take after the function and check beverage consumption

Other Services Offered

We can also offer:-

  • Transport Service: - We also offer transport service of any items left in the venue such as food and drinks at a small extra charge
  • Security Service: - We also offer security services for the venue and also for private residences of both the bride and the groom. Kindly ask us for pricing of these services.
  • Hire of bistro tables, bistro table, Gazebos, Umbrellas, Gas Heathers, Tables & Chairs & much more.(click to view all services offered: List 1, List 2)
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