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Planning Tips

When you decide to get married there are a number of things you need to book. This section will provide you a step by step planning guide of what you need to book and how long in advance it is recommended to do so. Click on the time frame to see what you need to book during that period and for advice on what you need to consider while booking the different wedding components.


Two Years Ahead

Reception Venue

While dreaming of your wedding probably you imagine yourself celebrating it in a particular place such as a castle or a beautiful garden. Hence deciding in which reception venue you are going to celebrate you wedding is one of the most important things to consider. Different venues give different style to your wedding and help you accomplish your dreamt. A number of different venues that cater for the different tastes of newly weds are available in Malta. If you would like an outdoor wedding you can opt for gardens which are distributed along the island or if you prefer a more traditional wedding you may opt for a selection of different wedding halls and villa’s.

In each case it is important to consider the number of guests before you book a particular venue. If you are having a winter or an early spring wedding keep in mind that the venue should be big enough to host all the guests inside, in case the weather does not permit the use of outdoor facilities. Nonetheless, you can still go for open garden venues however you would need to consider hiring a gazebo in the terrace.

Cost in an important factor to consider. It is important to take into account that some venues have contracted caterers and so you cannot hire your favourite caterer. You also need to pay particular attention to any hidden charges that might be extra to the hall cost, such as overtime charges of the venue or of the persons in charge of the hall. There might also be other conditions which might not be clearly stated in the contract such as whether overtime charges begin when the couple leave the hall or when all the guests leave. There can also be other charges of the police/security or parker. It is also important to ask if you are obliged to buy beer and soft drinks from the hall owner, in which case it is recommended that you ask for the price list before committing yourselves.

As you might know some venues only allow soft music after 11pm so if you intend to dance after this time, this fact will definitely be a factor to consider before choosing the venue. So ask the management about time restrictions so that you will not have problems on your special day.

If you are considering hosting the wedding reception at a hotel, you must also consider whether any corkage fees are charged (usually charged per bottle)…so always ask the management about such fees.


Some couples prefer to do the mass celebration in the bride’s hometown; however, others do not really bother in which church they will give the vows.

It is a good idea to consider a church close to the wedding hall so that you waste less time travelling as it is better to have more time to celebrate with the guests rather than travelling, especially where there are traffic problems.


Wedding Organiser

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Choice of caterer is one of the most crucial issues to consider. When you compare menus think about the number and variety of food items you wish to have but above all consider the quality of the food and service. Some guests look for quality and not quantity hence it is important to consider the type of guests you’re inviting and match the caterer to their expectations.

Some caterers offer buffet table options, however it is important to point out currently that these are not in fashion any longer.



Photographer and videographer

It is important to shop around a lot for you photographer as different photographers have different styles and meet different tastes. Look at different wedding albums and decide on the style you like. Once you make up your mind short list a number of photographers/videographers and set up meetings with them to view their work and decided on the pricing.






When choosing a car first and foremost you have to consider whether the car is accessible to your home and to the church, for example if you would like to get married in Mdina you cannot book a limousine because this car is too long and would not enter the narrow streets of Mdina. 

Some bridal cars are seven seater and so you can include your parents, bride and bridal party in the same car.  Some couples choose a bridal car and do not include space for the mother of the bride in the bridal car.  Nevertheless, it is wise to consider leaving space for the mother in the same car as the bride, because both parents appreciate being together with the bride.

The total number of cars needed is:

  1. Bridal car including parents and bridal party
  2. Groom’s car and parents
  3. 2 for the witnesses
  4. Best man and family (not obliged to)

Also consider any overtime charges when booking a particular car and check whether the prices include a return trip from the hall to home at the end of the wedding or whether there will be extra charges for this trip.



Choose a band that best suits your style. You can choose from a range of classic, soft rock, jazz and also commercial music for your wedding. It is best to prepare a play list of the songs you wish to include for the wedding.

When choosing a singer either for the church or for the reception, keep in mind that some of them might be involved in concerts abroad and so will not be able to turn up on your wedding day.

Prior to booking a particular church/reception singer or band, always go and listen to their music because everyone has his own tastes.

Cocktail or wine bar

Consider the number of bars according to the number of guests.

You can also decide to hire a cocktail or a wine bar. These bars offer versatility and style to your wedding and are much appreciated by the guests. Although hiring a cocktail bar may seem to be expensive, you need to keep in mind that cocktails are syrups based rather than alcohol based and hence could turn out not that expensive.

On the other hand, you can consider having a wine bar. In this case you should consider whether your guests are wine drinkers or not. If you are interested in having a wine bar, it is best to choose 5 types of wines – 2 red, 2 white and 1 rosé. You may also consider having a cheese table that complements the wine bar.

Note that you have to attend the obligatory Cana Course which can be done two years prior to your wedding (visit:


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One year before

Buy or hire bride’s wedding gown, the grooms’ gown and the bridal party

We do not suggest that the bride buys her wedding gown more than 1 year before the wedding, because as with other garments, bridal gowns also have fashion!


Some florists offer artificial flowers, some only fresh flowers and others a mixture of artificial and fresh flowers. It is obvious that fresh flowers are more expensive so keep this in mind when choosing florist. Ask the florist about the expenses if you intend to decorate the hall with sheers, candles etc.



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One year to six months before

Souvenirs and Invitations

If you are doing book marks or booklets for the church also order them at this time. Keep in mind that before you book the mass booklets you will know who the readers will be and which passage each of them will read.

Note that many souvenir and bridal boutiques bring new stock in November so it would be a good idea to book them at this time of the year so that you will benefit from the latest collection.


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Six months before

Hairdresser and the Make-up artist

Note than if you would like someone in particular; contact them before so that you won’t have regrets.

Get beverages quotes

  • But you do not need to book them because only 3 weeks before you have to confirm the beverage list with the beverage seller.
  • Plan and book your honey moon

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Three months before

  • Wedding rings and Champagne glasses and have them engraved.
  • Send invitations to guests living abroad

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Two months before

  • Contact the photographer to book the date for the pre wedding.
  • Buy the shoes, lingerie and other jewellery.Request the publication of banns at the Marriage Registry and at the Curia.

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One month before

Send Invitations to guests:-
If you are having a morning wedding send the invitations. If you are having an evening wedding, you can send the invitations three weeks before the wedding.

Contact all people providing services in your wedding:-
Meet the priest so that you will discuss the readings you would like to be included in your wedding celebration. Confirm the menu with the caterer and book the beverages.

Confirm the size of the wedding gown, groom etc.


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Two weeks before

  • Collect the marriage documents from the Marriage Registry.
  • Buy confetti and poppers for the church and for the cut of cake
  • Buy guest book, feather/pen

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Extra Tips:

  • Leave the last 2 days before your wedding free from guests so that you will have time to check that everything is in order and above all have time to relax so that you will at your best on your special day.
  • Consider doing a church trial so that you will be familiar with all the steps during the celebration.

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