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Frequently Asked Questions

1.If we have a wedding organiser, do we still need a best-man?
It's not a requirement, however if you have someone who wants to be your best-man, we would be very happy to collaborate with him/her.
2. Do we need to hire a suit for the best-man and the ushers?
Not necessarily, unless they are close family members.
3. What would be the role of the best-man if we have a wedding organiser?
He is just like the other guests but with the additional role of collecting the wedding gifts since that is the only responsibility that we do not assume. If s/he is willing to show more interest s/he is more than welcome.
4. What is the best time to start a mass celebration?
At 7pm because if the mass begins after this time you might need to consider having a post wedding photographic session. If the mass starts before 7pm some guests might not be able to attend; however, you can still benefit from this fact by having more time to spend on the wedding photo session before you go to your wedding venue or before the guests start arriving. For a morning wedding we would suggest 11am.
5. What do you think about a sound man in the church?
It is your choice but before you do so you need to get permission from the priest who takes care of the church that you?ll be celebrating your wedding in.
6. How many readers do we need?
In most weddings four readers are usually needed:
a. One for the First reading
b. Another person takes the Responsorial psalm
c. A person reads the Second reading
d. And finally one who reads the Community prayers

However, the community prayers can be read by more than one reader and the Responsorial psalm can be read by the first reader.
7. Who usually brings the offerings to the altar?
Usually both parents, however arrangements can be made for offerings to be presented by other members of both families.
8. What do you think about hiring a cocktail bar?
Hiring a cocktail bar is a good choice because it is something original, refreshing and much appreciated by the guests. Financially you won?t spend more because cocktails are based on juices and spirits and would reduce the consumption of other hard spirits.
9. What do you think about having a wine bar?
It depends, if you have wine drinkers it is worth it because wine is cheaper than other hard spirits.
10. For whom do we need to hire a car?
A car for the bride and her parents, one for the groom and his parents and another car for both witnesses.
11. When do we start the meetings with the wedding organiser?
We can start planning as early as you wish but at least we need to make sure that we meet one and a half months prior to the wedding date, just before you finalise the menu with the caterer.
12. Would you help us decide the quantity of food and what items to choose?
Yes that is part of our job, we will discuss everything so that we minimise food wastage and hence save you money.
13. Can you help us decide the venue set up?
Yes, we will suggest the best set up and we will also prepare a plan so that everything will be to your liking.
14. What timing is best for family photos and poses?
To get the best out of your wedding, we suggest that you start the family photo session before exactly after the welcome drink before you start greeting the guests (shake-hands) or else consider doing a post-wedding photo session.
15. What happens to the leftovers such as food, drinks etc?
You can either bring your own van (usually a van the size of either a Toyota Hiace or a Ford Transit is enough) or else you can use our transport service at a minimal extra charge.
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